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Your Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy, you and your baby are now a team, so get to know the growing bundle inside you.

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Throughout pregnancy you will be given all types of information to cover multiple aspects of your pregnancy. Anywhere from what not to eat, to how to plan for the birth of your baby and safe sleeping of your baby after birth. It is integral to get to know your baby’s individual pattern of movement as part of your safe pregnancy care. 

Pregnancy information is available from a wide variety of sources, but it is important to remember that you spend 24/7 with your baby, so you are your baby’s best advocate.

We provide you with free information to help keep your baby safe during pregnancy. Such as why monitoring your baby's movements are important, and when to start sleeping on your side. Still Aware is dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth and saving lives, through a national cross platform awareness and education intiatives we provide and promote information backed by research. 

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy speak to your antenatal carer as they are the only people who can accurately advice you. But please trust your instincts and listen to your baby. 


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Written by Sarah Langford, ACU Bachelor of Midwifery student Originally appeared in Essence: Australian Breastfeeding Association Magazine Vol53 No 3 September 2017 When I was pregnant I tried to cocoon myself in a happy bubble, I didn’t want to hear any “horror stories.” The underlying (naïve) assumption being that as...

Read more about Being Still Aware: The importance of talking about stillbirth