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About us

Still Aware are committed to raising awareness of the very real statistics of stillbirth in Australia working to end preventable stillbirth. We educate clinicians, mothers and families about stillbirth prevention and promote open communication. We encourage and support dialogue around the realities of loss, in order to break the silence and taboo surrounding stillbirth.

Still Aware is invested in sharing stillbirth research and actively lobbies for stillbirth to be listed and remain on the policy agenda at a national level. We continue to work with key researchers in the field to gather and report data of care provisions already offered internationally, but which are not offered to Australian patients.

Still Aware is the only not-for-profit organization in Australia dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth. At Still Aware every dollar donated goes directly to funding awareness and education to brings about change. You can have confidence knowing that your dollar goes straight to activities that brings awareness of the thousands of babies born still every year in Australia.

Stillbirth Awareness + Education = Action = Prevention

At Still Aware our focus is to bring about much needed awareness to the tragic event of a baby born still.

  • Every year more than 2000 babies are born still in Australia.
  • Daily 6 babies are born still in Australia…that’s one baby, one family, every 5 hours.
  • For every baby that dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 35 are stillborn in Australia  [1]

Still Aware was formed by mother to a baby born still, at 9 months in South Australia. Alfie Foord-Heath was born without breath on February 12, 2014. With no rhyme or reason for the death of this healthy baby girl, her mother and father – under the guidance of the Still Aware Board and Clinical Advisory Board, with your help – seek to change how we talk about stillbirth prior to the tragedy, educating for awareness and raising awareness for prevention.

 [1] Stillbirth in Australia, n.d.