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Our Story

Still Aware’s purpose is to stop the unnecessary death of babies.

About Us

Still Aware – Australia's first stillbirth awareness charity.

Still Aware was formed by mother to a baby born still, at 9 months in South Australia. Alfie Foord-Heath was born without breath on February 12, 2014. With no rhyme or reason for the death of this healthy baby girl, her mother and father – under the guidance of the Still Aware Board and Clinical Advisory Board, along with your help – seek to change how we talk about stillbirth prior to the tragedy, educating for awareness and raising awareness for prevention.


Mission statement:

In Australia, Stillbirth is the leading cause of infant death. Many of these deaths are preventable. Still Aware’s mission is to end preventable stillbirth through awareness and education.


Our Charity Values:

  • Respect

  • Transparency

  • Passion and commitment 

  • Honesty and Integrity 

  • Courage and ambition 

  • Accountability

  • Resilience


Our Founder, Claire Foord

Claire Our Story

 Stillbirth is a devastation that no family should endure but sadly it is a turmoil that will live with Claire forever. In February 2014 she and her husband welcomed a precious baby girl into this world. On the same day, as swiftly as she saw her, she had to say goodbye – her daughter Alfie was stillborn at term – a perfect baby, with no illness or issue, but without breath. This devastating tragedy saw Claire campaign and establish Still AwareA passionate advocate, Claire hopes to bring about change and a high level of awareness that stillbirth deserves. Claire’s efforts have been recognized when she was awarded South Australia’s Local Hero, in the 2016 Australian of The Year Awards. As an awarded South Australian visual artist Claire Foord’s work is exhibited and collected locally and internationally, including galleries and institutions in USA, Canada and Germany. Prior to this, Claire completed a Bachelor in Visual Arts and a Diploma in Education.