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Clinician Workshops

Implementing open conversation about stillbirth into practise.

Still Aware translates research into easily understandable and measurable tools for implementation in clinical and consumer practice.

Still Aware work with you to help improve outcomes for women and their babies. This workshops provide easy to communicate evidence-based advice, supporting intuitive and empowering pregnancy

Learning Outcomes

  • Maternity care providers role in detecting and managing currently known risk factors for stillbirth

  • Understand stillbirth and the impact it has on the community at large

  • Know how best to communicate with expectant families to keep their baby safe inutero

  • Understand how monitoring fetal movements is a form of fetal surveillance

  • How, why and when it’s important to talk to women about stillbirth

  • Know what sort of change in fetal movements warrants investigation

  • Name warning signs of the mother and baby at risk

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Upcoming Sessions.

If you would like to attend any of Still Aware’s CPD accredited clinician stillbirth prevention workshops please visit our upcoming sessions page.

In-house personalised training.

If you would like a private education session for your practice, clinic or hospital, this can be arranged by appointment.

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