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Trust Your Intuition

At Still Aware we believe the key to reducing preventable stillbirth in Australia is to trust expectant mother's when they say something 'doesn't feel right' with their baby. 

The moment you find out you are pregnant, you are already a mother. While in utero, your baby is communicating with you through its movements, and after 28 weeks in pregnancy you will have a regular pattern of movements to 'listen to'. Nobody knows your baby better than you, so it is important to trust your intuition if something feels irregular or different. It is important to listen to your baby.

If your baby's movements have changed, or you feel like something is wrong, trust your intuition and contact your care provider to voice your concerns. 

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What happens if you ring with concerns about your baby's movements?

Your doctor, maternity ward or midwife should ask you to come in. They will monitor baby’s heartbeat or conduct an ultrasound, reassuring you that all is normal and well.

Reduced fetal movements can be a sign that your baby is unwell, in some cases further investigation may be required.

Do not wait. Call immediately if you are concerned. 

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Written by Sarah Langford, ACU Bachelor of Midwifery student Originally appeared in Essence: Australian Breastfeeding Association Magazine Vol53 No 3 September 2017 When I was pregnant I tried to cocoon myself in a happy bubble, I didn’t want to hear any “horror stories.” The underlying (naïve) assumption being that as...

Read more about Being Still Aware: The importance of talking about stillbirth