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Upcoming Sessions

We offer clinicians advice on how to talk to women about stillbirth prevention and monitoring baby’s movements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand stillbirth and the impact it has on the community at large
  • Know how best to communicate with expectant families to keep their baby safe inutero
  • Understand how monitoring fetal movements is a form of fetal surveillance
  • Know what sort of change in fetal movements warrants investigation
  • Name warning signs of the mother and baby at risk
  • In the event of you being in the situation where your patient delivers a stillborn, learn ways you can help the family in the depths of their despair

Upcoming online sessions:

Still Aware continue to deliver vital stillbirth prevention information to clinicians all around the country. We remain committed now more than ever to education for stillbirth prevention. Click on the links below to join the next online education session. 


Online Webinar - September 10th (6:30pm - 8:30pm ACST)
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 Upcoming face-to-face sessions*:

*The current recommendations for social distancing and group gatherings will determine whether these face-to-face clinician training workshops will run as normal. 

Sydney - November 6th (12pm - 2pm)
Tickets here

Brisbane - November 27th (1:30pm - 3:30pm)
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We distribute our safe pregnancy brochures Australia-wide and encourage our online community to engage and support one other through our Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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