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Still Aware Board

Still Aware is committed to raising awareness of the very real statistics of stillbirth in Australia, and we are working to end preventable stillbirth. With the guidance of the Still Aware board, we aim to educate clinicians, mothers and families about stillbirth prevention through promotion and support dialogue around the realities of loss, in order to break the silence and taboo surrounding stillbirth. Still Aware is also invested in stillbirth research, and actively lobbies for stillbirth to be listed and remain on the policy agenda at a national level.

The Still Aware Board is thankful for a high calibre of individuals, all of whom graciously volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise. With experience ranging from business, corporate, clinical, research, philanthropic, marketing, charity and personal tragedy, together with a plethora of management and board experience we are confident in the advice and accuracy of the Still Aware message and its delivery.