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Donate in lieu

Involve your friends, family and community in your donation.

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If you are looking for a way to support Still Aware, donating in leiu can be a great idea for your next birthday or celebration. It can also be a positive way to help honour your baby on their special birthday, or another day that might be special to you and your family.

To setup a Donate in Leiu program, please submit a form through our fundraising page

Parents who believe their baby is here today because of the information Still Aware has given them, often like to choose this option to help our cause. By asking your guests to donate at your next birthday, or on your baby's first (or second, third etc) birthday, you can help raise awareness of stillbirth at the same time. 

Ways you can Donate in Lieu

In memory of your baby born still

Collect donations at a special event that is celebrating and honouring your baby above. Ask your friends and family to donate at the event, and tell them why Still Aware and stillbirth awareness is important to you. You could also setup an online fundraising page and select Still Aware as your charity. 

At your baby's birthday or your birthday

If your baby is a story of hope, you may like to ask for donations in lieu of gifts at their next birthday. Asks your guests in advance to make a charitable donation to Still Aware in lieu of gifts, or ask them to replace traditional gifts - such as birthday presents, or thank-you gifts, with a donation.

Create an online fundraising page

Whether you are donating in lieu of a gift, or in memory, setting up an online fundraising page can make it easier for your friends and family to gift their donations. 

How to send us your donations?


Once you have recieved all the donations, you can pay the amount directly through our online donations.

Direct deposit

Pop into your local bank, or transfer online, to:

Still Aware Ltd
BSB: 035 034
Account Number: 372865

Reference: **Please enter your mobile or email address as the reference so we can arrange a tax receipt**

One you have made the donation, email so that we can ensure a receipt is issued for you.

Online fundraising page

Setup an online fundraising page and select Still Aware as your charity.