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Stillbirth still beautiful

Posted by Zoe Lent

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What another bereaved mother wants you to know

In our society, there are many negative connotations attached to the term ‘stillbirth’.

Which I suppose is understandable. To lose a life which has barely begun is, after all, one of life’s most devastating, soul shattering tragedies. We know this.

But while stillbirth is heartbreaking, gut wrenching and beyond tragic, what people often forget is that in the midst of all the loss, stillbirth is still beautiful, because it is a reflection of the life and the love – and the love came first, and the love is what remains.

So I want you to remember this the next time someone recoils when you speak your child’s name, or shies away when you talk about your pregnancy or birth experience, which is just as real and just as valid as theirs, or minimises or ignores your love, your experience or your child.

Stillbirth is threefold in terms of meaning:

Stillbirth – because your baby was STILL born

Stillbirth – because your baby was STILL, quiet, peaceful, never to take a breath on the outside

Stillbirth – because your baby was STILL here, and she still matters, and she always will.

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