Still Aware

Empowering Pregnant families to connect daily with their Baby.

Saving Babies Lives.

Stillbirth – sharing what we know, education for awareness, awareness for prevention.

Be Still Be Aware – know your normal, baby’s movements matter.

Doing good work to end preventable stillbirth.

Thousand’s of Babies without breath!
One family, every 4 hours!
… Stillbirth
… It’s not inevitable
… it’s often preventable

Stillbirth Awareness + Education = Action = Prevention

Still Aware are committed to raising awareness of the very real statistics of stillbirth in Australia working to end preventable stillbirth. We educate clinicians, mothers and families about stillbirth prevention and promote open communication. We encourage and support dialogue around the realities of loss, in order to break the silence and taboo surrounding stillbirth. Still Aware is invested in sharing stillbirth research and actively lobbies for stillbirth to be listed and remain on the policy agenda at a national level.



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