It’s important to remember that every baby, every body and every pregnancy is different. It may be that Bonding with Bump more than once a day is what suits you and your baby. Once a mother and bump have developed a routine, that’s what should remain consistent. Is baby a morning person who always wakes you with a happy hello? Is bump a night owl who always keeps you awake when you are trying to sleep at night? Is your little one a social person who always starts kicking when he hears someone he knows in the room? Or is she a shy person who always stops kicking if anyone touches your belly? MONITOR YOUR BABY’S MOVEMENTS. ANY CHANGES, YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY REPORT THIS TO YOUR CARE PROVIDER. To get started, SIT with your feet up OR LIE on your side. Pay attention to each of your baby’s MOVEMENTS and get to know the little one growing inside you. How OFTEN does baby move? How STRONG is the movement ? What is the PATTERN? Your baby already has a little personality, get to know your baby before birth. You may like to LOG the experience, time or special moments in a chart, your phone, diary or app. Consistency is key. Once you and your baby have established a bonding ROUTINE, try to stick to it. HOW? WHO? In the 3rd trimester, monitor your baby’s movements to Bond with your Bump EVERYDAY, preferably at the same time. PICK A TIME based on when your baby is usually active. Make sure your regular bonding sessions are at a time when baby is commonly awake. If anything seems DIFFERENT OR IRREGULAR, contact your healthcare provider for a check-up straight away, no matter the time of day, DO NOT WAIT FOR A HOW TO GUIDED VIDEO PLEASE VISIT WWW.STILLAWARE.ORG Information to help keep baby safe in pregnancy. Expectant families can Bond with their Bump. PREGNANCY MYTHS DOESN’T A BABY SLOW DOWN BEFORE BIRTH, BECAUSE THEY RUN OUT OF ROOM? A baby will keep moving throughout pregnancy, even during labour. In fact a healthy baby usually gets stronger. Particularly in the last few weeks of pregnancy, be conscious of your baby’s movements and call for a checkup if anything seems irregular or different. You should seek immediate advice from your doctor or midwife, do not delay. In some cases, not feeling a baby moving is the only warning sign that is noticed before a baby is stillborn. [1] IF I HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT OR DRINK WILL IT GET MY BABY MOVING? If you are wanting to make your baby move because you are concerned about movements, it is best not to waste time but instead contact your care provider immediately. ISN’T IT OK IF MY BABY MOVES 10 TIMES A DAY? Every baby is different, sure, some might move 10 times in a day but others will move ten times in ten minutes! Baby’s movements can vary from 4 to over 100 every hour. It is important to know what is normal for you and your baby and report any change in that. IS AN INCREASE IN MOVEMENTS A GOOD SIGN? A slow increase probably indicates that your baby is getting stronger and is healthy and well, but a sudden increase, particularly if you feel the baby going “crazy” should also be immediately checked out with your care provider, do not wait. Registered Charity and not-for-profit Still Aware Limited | ABN: 55 607 214 077 | Level 2, 8 Greenhill Road, Wayville SA 5034 | 08 8300 0980 StillAware_SafePregnancy_TrifoldDL2_300617.indd 1-3 2/07/2017 8:04 PM Get to know who baby is, to know how baby is.